When is the best time to post to your blog?

I've been wondering for some time, when it's best to post to your technology blog.

There are several factors

  • aggregators like javablogs.com or groovyblogs.org
  • different times zones like US-west, US-east and Europe
  • different times of day where people read
  • weekdays or weekends
  • social news sites like reddit or digg
  • article sites like artima, the serverside, infoq or dzone
  • different audiences

I'm not sure which way to go, when to post. When posting here in Europe at noon, it's in the morning in the US and people get up and to work. So I can catch the morning birds (east, what with west?). Posting in the evening, I get to people in the US at noon, but the people in Europe in the evening at home probably. Timing this with the aggregators and feedburner to reach enough reads to stay on top. But not too soon or the post will be swamped by later entries before the majority of people starts reading blogs. Not too late, or you can't catch the wave. A lot of interdependent variables.

I think I need a simulation tool to optimize weblog posting times. But as always, the best way to get readers is to post interesting stuff 🙂

Thanks for listening.

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