Unpleasent Git experience

I'm too stupid for git. I've run several SVN servers over the years but a Sunday afternoon isn't enough for me to get git working.

  • Debian stable has git 1.4, for git init one needs 1.5. Some major reconfigurations later (think Debian backports) and updates and updates I had 1.5 working
  • Lots of "fatal" errors during git configuration on the server, with no helpful explanations
  • The client - MacOS X isn't any better:git add . is followed by fatal: pathspec '' did not match any files. Perhaps git is only for Linux?

And more problems and more problems and more problems. My first SVN repo took 10min to setup and 10min for configuring the client. Voila. Perhaps git is only for the geniuses out there and I'm stuck in the 90s of SCMs.

Update: No this won't stop me - yet. Though the thought comes to mind if mercurial would have been a better choice 😉

Update 2: The server works and is accessible. Now I only need to fix the fatal: pathspec '' did not match any files for my local add and then push the contents to the server. Look here for help with the git backports on Debian.

Update 3: More fun: Updating remote server info PUT error: curl result=22, HTTP code=403

Update 4: I'm getting very very old, see: "I experienced these phenomena first-hand. Git was the first version control system I used, and I grew accustomed to it, taking many features for granted.". I've started with RCS, or the version file system on VMS, 18 years ago.

Update 5: fatal: no matching remote head when cloning a new repository.

Update 6: Everything seems to work now!