TIOBE Index: Java on top, Python up, Ruby down and no longer in Top 10

Looked at the current November 2008 TIOBE programming language index, found via Cedrics Twitter. Java still on top, very slow slide, Ruby down by 2 places, no longer under the Top 10, C++, C# and especially Python up, PHP still 5th, Erlang at 31st, Scala at 43rd 😉 F# not listed in Top 100.

Other interesting tidbits:
"The object-oriented paradigm is at an all time high with 57.9%. The popularity of dynamically typed languages seems to be stabilizing."

Object-Oriented Languages  57.9%  +1.6%
Functional Languages       2.6%   +0.4%

Statically Typed Languages 	60.0% 	+1.2%
Dynamically Typed Languages 	40.0% 	-1.2% 

(after some big increases for dynamically typed languages since 2002)