There will be no next Java

Reading the post at about "Why did Java succeed ?" I thought to myself, there will be no next Java. The post mentions some ideas people have about why Java succeeded. Copying Smalltalk, the J2EE standard, Java is mediocre (Paul Graham is so funny sometimes), WORA or Eclipse.

My comments on why did Java really succeed?
1.) Java worked
2.) Java was good enough
3.) There was a sufficient complete JDK not something buggy like Delphi, something incomplete like STL, something alpha like CPAN or nothing like ST. In the end, programmers want to get things done. The easier the better. Language syntax is only a small part of that equation (Hello Anders! Hello Betrand! Hello Bjarne!). And implementing OO the wrong way doesn’t matter at all.
4.) Paul Graham is most often wrong
5.) It was free

Coming to the conclusion: Face it people, there will be no next Java. Either the industry changes disruptly and a new language will rise with the change or Java - the plattform and the language - will absorb (as was proven by the ecosphere) the best ideas and adopt.

Thanks for listening.