The Top 10 Posts of this Blog Over the Years

I've created a top 10 list of the posts on this blog over the last years. What was astonishing to me, "Is Java dead?" is not the top post.

  1. 6 reasons why my VC funded startup did fail where the main reason was we didn't sell anything 26.827 views
  2. Go Ahead: Next Generation Java Programming Style where I propose a new programming style for Java, inspired by functional programming 24.115 views
  3. Java Interview questions: Write a String Reverser (and use Recursion!) where I discuss how to write a String reverse method during interviews and what to learn 24.111 views
  4. The dark side of NoSQL where I discuss that not everything is gold wtih NoSQL 21.975 views
  5. 7 Bad Signs not to Work for a Software Company or Startup where I warn you, when not to start working for a company 15.684 views
  6. Is Java dead? - the title says it all, but this is a thorough look at the future of Java 12.421 views
  7. Scala vs. Clojure where I compare Scala and Clojure 11.043 views
  8. Never, never, never use String in Java (or at least less often ๐Ÿ™‚ where I hope to persuade you to not use Integer, String or Double in Java 8476 views
  9. No future for functional programming in 2008 รขโ‚ฌโ€œ Scala, F# and Nu where 2008 is not the year of functional programming, perhaps 2010 is 8343 views
  10. Clojure vs Scala, Part 2 with Scala and Clojure again, a topic which will get even hotter in 2010 7804 views

I'm curious, what would you like to read more in 2010? Please leave a comment, I would appreciate it.