Scala is a ghetto?

Tim Dysinger wrote some time ago about his unpleasant experiences in a Scala chat channel. My experiences with the Scala community has been nicer. There sometimes is a little bit of FP zealotry but mostly people are willing to help. Perhaps it was his attitude towards the language with "the syntax is verbose, ugly and robotic." when entering the chat which lead to his unpleasant welcome. Perhaps it was something else. The comments are closed on his post, so people couldn't reply and the context is lost. I often write provoking things, at least I keep the comments open and get my share of ugly replies.

Being arrogant and insulting: "Notice that comments aren’t enabled, Scala nerds. Go comment somewhere else."

I'm so very happy to not be part of the Ruby community. It was nice in 1998 and went downhill from there.

Update: Thanks to the comment, you do not need to google: Academics and Ergomaniacs

Update 2: No need to read the IRC log

(10:09:30 AM) DRMacIver: So, just for the record, I looked up the source code for Object.equals
(10:09:49 AM) DRMacIver: public boolean equals(Object obj) {
(10:09:49 AM) DRMacIver: return (this == obj);
(10:11:54 AM) dysinger: fuck you guys
(10:13:11 AM) dysinger: fuck you drmaciver - you and I have debated endlessly on other topics. 
(10:14:37 AM) dysinger: eat a dick egomanics
(10:14:58 AM) dysinger left the room (Kicked by DRMacIver (I've already told you you're not my type.)).

To be honest I would have kicked him out after the first "fuck".

And from the comments "dysinger said... So in the end it's not about the code. We are all smart people [...]".

Sorry. Nope.

"I shouldn't have swore. That was bad on my part. [...] David MacIver can still bite my ass. [...] WTF?!"

Talk about idiocy.

After reading the IRC log: I'm so so very happy to not be part of the Ruby community.

PS: I'm sorry to use the word ghetto.