Releasing eBook: 12 Things to Reduce Your Lead Time and Time to Market

I've finished the final version of my "12 Things You can do to Shorten Your Lead Time in Software Development" eBook. Woooha! Thanks to all who gave feedback after reading the final draft (several thousand downloads!).

This Book is about shortening the time to market of your software development - the time from having an idea to the idea generating money.

Long lead times will cost you money and the first mover avantage. A long time to market will make your external and internal customers unhappy.

This eBook gives you 12 actions you can take to shorten your lead time substantially. I’m sure you’ll find it useful. Time is money, reducing lead times is a main concern in startups and software companies, I’m sure you’d agree. This ebook will solve help you reduce your time to market.

You should download the ebook here. Enjoy.