2nd downtime

My hoster needed a second downtime, to remove the old harddisk (160gb), not sure why he needs that and why it couldn't stay in the server. Sorry again. And there will be a 3rd downtime, because my hoster found a RAID controller in my server which shouldn't be there. And he wants to remove the controller and get me a 3rd downtime. How unprofessional.

Update: The support was very supportive, the issues are resolved and no 3rd downtime needed.

9 (ego) shooters I’ve played more or less recently

Some of the ego or third person shooters I've played more or less recently (2 years?) and how I liked them, the best one first. If you're only interested in programming, stop reading.

  1. Half Life 2 + Episode 1 + Episode 2
    Best shooter (ever?): Very good story, nice graphics, atmospheric (landscape), memorable scenes (Nova Prospekt, sea side road)
  2. Bioshock
    Creepy, very good/dense atmosphere, good story, nice graphics, didn't like most of the powers, end boss wasn't that good, didn't fit the story I think
  3. Resident Evil 4
    Shocker, very good game, sometimes very creepy, lots of enemies, replay value because of different level design with different difficulty
  4. Dead Space
    Very good graphics, Zero-G and vacuum are stunning, sometimes - too seldom - creepy, I was often reminded of RE4, for example the scene where you have to protect Nicole (and some other scenes). The other game that comes to mind when playing Dead Space is System Shock (one of the best) - for example the elevator scenes, hydroponic and general feel
  5. Metroid Prime 3
    Good atmosphere, innovative, I like the Metroid Prime style. Not a shooter, more a 3d action adventure like the old Metroid Primes on the NES/SNES
  6. Portal
    Short but innovative and good story - a shooter?
  7. Halo3
    Very good story, very film-like, especially the end, I would liked to have more "Ring scenes"
  8. Call of Duty 3
    Good action, some very good scenes (battle on the last hill) - too few though
  9. Far Cry
    Nice trees, nice plants, large landscape, didn't like the story very much, the end game was getting worse

I would buy and play all of them again, except perhaps CoD 3 and Far Cry. Probably I've forgotten some I've played, but then they couldn't have been that good, could they? And yes, sometimes I play too much (ask my girlfriend 😉 - not that often and not for very long, ego shooters are way too short 🙂

Update: Some don't like Dead Space: "Oh dear Science. It’s so derivative. It’s sooo been done before, that it’s really kind of embarrasing to sit through the story as it unfolds exactly as you’d expect."

I didn't expect this to happen. I thought they would more reference half life and the military would come in and shoot everyone. I was suprised ! Other than that, yes it's predictible. But a nice game.


Sorry for the downtime, the hardware upgrade and Debian to Ubuntu migration didn't work as expected due to mistakes by my hoster. Thanks for coming back.