Moving away from Hibernate

One reason for me to move to JPA is to move away from Hibernate. Since being part of the JBoss ecosphere, Hibernate forums adapted to the spirit of the JBoss forums. There are other examples, but for one example see here. They like to be part of JBoss and not be part of JBoss just as it is most useful for them. Not when it's useful to their users. With wrong information for their users,

"Hibernate does not use JBoss. JBoss uses hibernate." -tenwit

Hibernate JPA uses the JBoss common jar, so clearly Hibernate uses JBoss code. The JBoss common jar bothered me too when using JBoss (?) / Hibernate (?) JPA. Otherwise it's obviously a nice product.

Update: Some time after this post the thread on the Hibernate forum got activated again and a JBoss employee "debunked" Tenwit: "that code is most likely used by Hibernate Annotations and thus it is relevant." Thanks.