Groovy, Grails and #IRC

Grails is a great project. I'm currently implementing a webish2.0 website and with Grails my implementation speed is very fast. What Groovy and Grails lack though, is a decent IRC channel. I've been on IRC for 15 years and IRC helped me through Java, Servlets, Python, Ruby, Delphi and other technologies. There is a #groovy channel on codehaus, but the core committers of Grails and Groovy are seldom there*.

I think a successfull IRC channel is essential to the success of an OSS project. So we need to push Groovy and Grails to IRC. For starters I'm on #groovy on freenode. Lot's of OSS projects are on freenode and more people will join the channel there than on codehaus. Please help, join us.

* jez is the exception and always helpful 😉