Grails again on the Radar: Now Seam

Answering a question from the comments some posts back.

"Hi again,

You might have read this …


Well, a vendor says his product is best? Why should he say something else?

"While Grails beats Rails in the benchmark, it looks to me neither of them is scalable in a multi-core environment. From our internal tests, JBoss Seam easily out-performs both by a wiiiiide margin (5 to 10 times higher throughput than the published Rails/Grails numbers)."

As Graeme said before, the benchmarks are not about scalabilty but performance. So the comment by Michael is completely off target. Either he doesn't know better or he's a troll.

"If you do a JVM thread dump here (or something equivalent in Ruby), you will see most threads are waiting and the CPU load slowly creeps up to 100% as the backlog increases."

Did he do it? No. He just tells us that if we would do it, we will see his predicted result. Can he look into the future?

"So, let’s look at Graeme’s response time graph. The max response times are indeed extremely long — consistent with hang threads."

Or because Groovy/Grails does some code and GSP compilations? Or something completely different happens? Or GC? Who knows without looking?

So all FUD no content in that article. His ideas might sound good and perhaps might help increase performance in Grails, but he needs to prove his points with data. Otherwise - FUD. Do they already feel the heat?

The suprising part though is the comment by Gavin, very polite.