What is Google up to?

This week I've stumbled over two unrelated blog posts.

  • DNS Prefetch in Webmail:

    When you view an email in Mozilla Thunderbird, it looks at each of the URLs in the body, and does a DNS lookup on each of the domains. It does this so the page loads faster if you click on the link. [...] Worryingly, this issue also affects viewing email in webmail clients. I tested it using hotmail and gmail and both did DNS prefetching on the URLs in the email body. Using HTTPS rather than HTTP disables DNS prefetching. Luckily for GMail users, they recently made all requests HTTPS by default.

  • Google wants to see client addresses in DNS queries:

    Google employees posted an "Internet-Draft" outlining proposed changes to the DNS protocol that allow authoritative DNS servers to see the addresses of clients. This way, geographically distributed content delivery networks can tailor their answers to a specific client's network location.

Hope the HTTPS holds. But for sure, this does raise my eyebrows makes me shiver.