Germany and it’s energy companies Vattenfall and Lichtblick: From bad to worse

Opening my mailbox - those for letters not the one on my Mac - revealed a letter from my old energy provider Vattenfall. I've changed the provider last year from Vattenfall Europe to Lichtblick because the Vattenfall service was bad, I didn't want to support nuclear power any longer and because their prices increased sharply.

Now some months later, Vattenfall tells me they haven't received power by my new provider Lichtblick. They haven't told me that for months. Now out of the blue they tell me they have delivered power to me for months after I've left them. Which for them means that a new contract came into existence and I have now to pay ~40 EUR per month to them in the future (and the power I've used for the last months). Funny thing, I have been paying ~50 EUR each month to my new power provider Lichtblick who also claim to deliver power to me.

So two companies claim they supply me with power, and both want to be paid! Last time I've looked I haven't noticed my lights have been brighter because of double the power. The ultimate business case. Sell the same power twice! Now I have the hassle to proof them that only one of them can possibly have delivered my power. Funny world. I'm p*ssed.

From the Varttenfall homepage:

Operating profit rose 2.7% to SEK 28,583 million (27,821). The earnings improvement is attributable primarily to German electricity generation and is explained by a high level of available capacity of coal-fired plants and better prices received on the European Energy Exchange in Germany.

I know where the 2.7% profit rise comes from.