Forking Radeox: A new wiki render engine

After some debate of getting the rights to Radeox and a some negotiations I decided to fork Radeox. Radeox is an open source wiki render engine for Java which turns wiki markup into HTML and which is successfully used in several wikis. For years I was the lead developer for Radeox but that changed when I got a new job.

The past

  • Radeox was used in SnipSnap and refactored to it's own project
  • The license was changed to Apache, the API license was changed to BSD
  • Work on Radeox was done during my employment at Fraunhofer FIRST, who own the rights to some of the code
  • The ideas, the API and some implementation predate SnipSnap and Fraunhofer
  • At Fraunhofer Radeox was cleaned up, refactored and extended with features

The name is owned by me so although I fork Radeox I still keep the name. Radeox is available on the Reposita SVN server.

The future

The development of wikis is not over. From my point of view what we see is just the beginning of wikis. We have only seen the tip of the iceberg. Wikis are still growing steadily, just take a look at google trends (not scientific blah blah blah):

Wiki vs. Blog

I've been developing, consulting and thinking about wikis for 8 years, my first self-developed wiki is dated 1999. SnipSnap as a wiki was very successfull for some time. I talked to lots of people about the future of wikis and what they think in which direction wikis will move. I attended several WikiSym events and was helping to organize one. At the last WikiSym I gave a workshop and co-wrote a paper (PDF) about wiki render engines: "The Radeox Wiki Render Engine". The discussion around the paper sparked several revolutionary ideas and I will implement some of them in the next Radeox version. Wiki engines didn't innovate in the last years, so it's time for change and a speedup in innovation. Innovation in rendering engines will spark innovation in wiki implemtations. May we live in interesting times.

Thanks for listening.