Finished draft for my first free eBook: 12 Things to Shorten Your Lead Time

Update: Released the final version.

Yesterday night I've finished the first draft of my first eBook (hurray!). The book is about reducing the lead time of your software development. "12 Things to Shorten Your Lead Time" helps with concrete actions you can take to shorten the time it takes from the first idea to the idea generating money on your website. The BETA early access version is free and available for download here. Go download it and give me feedback in the comments below or via email.

Writing the book was a lot of fun, I've learned a lot - about cadence and a steady pace when writing. The design is a first draft also, what do you think of it? For various reasons I used Word instead of Pages and it worked suprisingly good. I would wish for Keynote to be able to flow text boxes from page to page so I could use it for eBook writing. I had the feeling a blog post would be to long for the topic, so I decided to try an eBook. Good idea? The title is also a work in progress, I'm not really satisfied yet. Enjoy it.

Update: Cover inspired 😉 by some great presentations by Joe Walker