European Open Source Society?

I thought about open source and had lots of discussion in the past few years about open source in general, business models, different and superiour licenses, pragmatic open source and stuff. As I've been also developing open source software for the last twenty years, I'm interested in the state of the open source developers.

Some studies have shown, that half or two thirds of open source developers come from Europe (with South America and Asia growing strong). Compare that with the image that open source is a North American phenomenon[*]. In the mind of Europeans and especially European politicians open source has not the importance it should have based on the influence Europe has on open source through it's developers. What about founding an European Open Source Society? For exchanging ideas, moving open source to the future and lobbying politicians to pay more attention to open source, the economic impact, the social impact and the chances there are for Europe to play an important role in open source. Sounds good to me.

What about founding one?

[*] Perhaps because more loud open source advocate live or move to the US and more companies in the US monetize open source projects