Drop IDEA, move to Eclipse? No open source license from IntelliJ

I need a tough decision to make. I've been using and evangelizing IDEA from the first IDEA release several years back. Whenever I came to a new company I introduced IDEA as an IDE and kept using it for commercial and open source use since then. Because I'm less productive with other IDEs I moved several projects where I arrived to IDEA 😉 I evangelized nearly the whole German Java IRC channel into IDEA. When I left my last employeer, I lost access to an IDEA license. Thinking that IDEA is the best IDE around - with quite some margin - I wanted to get an Open Source License for IDEA to develop Reposita, Messages, Meaxure and Radeox. I have a difficult case as there is no community for those projects yet because they just started. Writing to Intellij and pleading for a license, I got no answer.

So now I have three options: Buy a $249/year personal license, move to Eclipse (which I use at work, but which is far from being a good IDE) or learn something new and go with NetBeans? What does that mean for other contributers? Some of them will have access to an IDEA license. What are your experiences with different IDEs in on open source project? What would you do?

The IDE should support Groovy, Grails and Seam. Guice would be nice. Any other options?

Thanks for listening.

Update: See here.