Documentation for Reposita Messages

I've rewrote some documentation for Reposita Messages. Currently I use Apple Pages. This allows for nice design and nice writing. I consider using DocBook as it allows others easier to contribute to the documentation process. But it's hard to get DocBook working and create a nice Design for DocBook. Guessing that Hibernate and Spring use DocBook, they've done a nice design job. DocBook could also be easily created from wiki pages or from fragments in an SVN. Any other ideas? Volunteers? 🙂 I've also set up a user mailing list for Messages.

Messages is a free framework to make internationalization easy for Java applications. It supports locales for threads and bundles can be associated with different packages. This allows the usage of different bundles for different parts of the application like plugins, installer or logging. Bundles can be managed and associated with packages without any changes in the code. This makes bundle management and refactoring much easier than with other solutions.Messages supports global locales for client applications written in Swing or SWT and thread local ones for serverside web applications. Messages currently needs Java 1.5

Thanks for listening.