David Pollak (from Lift): “There’s no way to convert from XML to JSON because XML contains sequences not expressible in JSON”

Hmm[*]. Not sure if this is true (with CDATA, #Text and @attributes handled in some converters). For me the problem is more that there are too many ways to convert XML to JSON. For exampe the Badgerfish convention. Or the the Google and Yahoo versions. Or the XML.com way. And the Parker convention.

But the ways in Javascript to convert XML to JSON are either slow, very basic, use XSLT, use nasty Regex or cannot create simple JSON which feels JSON like.

* Note to self: Should start using Twitter for this [**].
** Did start Twitter

Update: Any ideas for a good XML to JSON conversion which feels JSON like (no need to be bidirectional)?

Update 2: I currently use XSLT with nice results, Safari doesn't work yet and neither does Chrome. More to come.