cintoo Messages 1.0 released

Due to the help by Alex with TestNG I finalized the Messages 1.0 release.

Messages is a free framework to make internationalization easier for Java
applications. It adds several features compared to default Java internation-
alization and support locales for threads and different bundles for different
packages. This allows the usage of different bundles for different parts of
the application like plugins, the installer or logging.

Key features:
- a lot less code than standard internationalization in Java
- easier to use for developers
- supports bundle refactorings
- bundles associated with Java packages
- hierarchies of bundles,
e.g. one bundle for com.corp and one for com.corp.accounting
- Low intrusive code, e.g. $(this, "FILE_NOT_FOUND", fileName)
- Locales per thread or global
- Apache license