Bought VMWare Fusion after Parallels

I've switched! After using Parallels for some time to run Windows applications I've tried the VMWare Beta. And I was astonished how polished the Beta already was. It felt much more stable and professional than Parallels. And when with Parallels I had troubles even after I upgraded to 2gb of memory and it captured 100% CPU from time to time, VMWare runs smooth and without problems. Sharing folders is also much easier, e.g. it's easy to share your home directory. USB drive handling works better. So although I bought Parallels before and there was no cross update I jumped shipped and bought VMWare too. I'm very satisfied. As an additional bonus VMWare has lots of public images like Linux which we use at work or Solaris which I always wanted to try. Excellent product. I only wish they could think of a way to supsend boot camp partitions.