5 years Scrum experience talk experience

Lately a colleague sent me an interesting note about a Scrum talk: "5 years of Scrum experience". Because facts are scarce about Scrum and real world, big company experiences are even more scarce, I thought "Excellent!" and went for it. So yesterday after work, I jumped into the high speed train from Berlin to Hamburg (2h), then into a taxi (15min), then listened to the talk (1.5h), then plundered the buffet, into the taxi (15min), into the high speed train back to Berlin (2h), into the taxi (15min), into my bed.

Was the talk worth the hassle? Nope. Two things I took away from the talk: The presenter opened his talk with the remark that the title was coined by the organizer not himself (argh!) and he can't talk about experiences because he's under a tight NDA.

More experience talks please!