CTO Startup School Berlin, 5th of March

Because many people asked me privatly about technical startup questions, I thought about batching those up and organizing a workshop for technical startup questions. Booked out, adding a waiting list.

So there will be a CTO Startup School Berlin day on the 5th of March, from 9:00 to 18:00. The number of people is limited to 20, entry is free.


  1. Introduction (CTO role, company phases)
  2. Development (Process, agile/lean, quality, project managment, estimation, introducing change, tools/setup)
  3. Plattform (Programming languages, frameworks, storages, persistence, time to market, maintenance)
  4. Operations (Deployments, releases, hosting, cloud, architecture, hardware, monitoring)
  5. Scaling (models, costs, where/what/when)
  6. Hiring (Outsourcing, process, headhunter, interview questions, telephone screening, layoffs)
  7. Other (Portfolio management, innovation, KPIs/metrics, internal IT, backup, security, CD/DR)

There will be a registration site this week. If you miss something, leave a comment.