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The Top 10 Posts of this Blog Over the Years

I’ve created a top 10 list of the posts on this blog over the last years. What was astonishing to me, “Is Java dead?” is not the top post.

  1. 6 reasons why my VC funded startup did fail where the main reason was we didn’t sell anything 26.827 views
  2. Go Ahead: Next Generation Java Programming Style where I propose a new programming style for Java, inspired by functional programming 24.115 views
  3. Java Interview questions: Write a String Reverser (and use Recursion!) where I discuss how to write a String reverse method during interviews and what to learn 24.111 views
  4. The dark side of NoSQL where I discuss that not everything is gold wtih NoSQL 21.975 views
  5. 7 Bad Signs not to Work for a Software Company or Startup where I warn you, when not to start working for a company 15.684 views
  6. Is Java dead? – the title says it all, but this is a thorough look at the future of Java 12.421 views
  7. Scala vs. Clojure where I compare Scala and Clojure 11.043 views
  8. Never, never, never use String in Java (or at least less often :-) where I hope to persuade you to not use Integer, String or Double in Java 8476 views
  9. No future for functional programming in 2008 – Scala, F# and Nu where 2008 is not the year of functional programming, perhaps 2010 is 8343 views
  10. Clojure vs Scala, Part 2 with Scala and Clojure again, a topic which will get even hotter in 2010 7804 views

I’m curious, what would you like to read more in 2010? Please leave a comment, I would appreciate it.

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stephan Stephan Schmidt has been working with internet technologies for the last 20 years. He was head of development, consultant and CTO and is a speaker, author and blog writer. He specializes in organizing and optimizing software development helping companies by increasing productivity with lean software development and agile methodologies. Want to know more? All views are only his own. You can find him on Google +

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