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The recent Lenovo vs. Apple discussion, I don't get it

There is a Lenovo vs. Apple discussion raging on in the blogosphere. All posts claim that Lenovo is so much cheaper than Apple hardware. Well, either I’m too stupid to configure laptops at the lenovo and apple stores, or I value the difference much less then others or the claim that Lenovo is so much cheaper than Apple is plain wrong.

When I configure a T60p in the Lenovo store (80gb harddisk, 15″ display, DVD burner, 512Mb, 2ghz Core Duo) I get 2196 USD (higher resolution, better GFX card, no video camera, no widescreen) compared to a MacBook pro which costs 1999 USD.

When I configure a V100 in the Lenovo store (bigger 80gb hardisk vs. 60gb, only 12″ display compared to 13″, only 1.63 ghz compared to 1.83, no video camera, no widescreen) I get 1099 USD compared to a MacBook which costs exactly 1099 USD too.

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