String reversing Part II: Tail Recursion

As several people pointed out in my last post that my version of reversing a string with recursion wasn’t tail recursive despite the fact that I wrongly thought it was. Not that it’s important in the context of a job interview for Java developers, whether one uses tail recursion or not. But I thought nevertheless about a Java tail recursive solution. Reading more about tail recursion in several articles and the comments of the last post, I wrote a new version of the String reversal solution. This time with tail recursion. So as a service to the interested reader:

Tail recursion means, the last call in the recursive function is a call to the function and there is nothing left to do when the recursive call returns. Why tail recursion? With tail recursion it’s easy for the compiler to remove the recursion and drop the growing stack. So with an optimized tail recursive function you will not run out of stack space what you otherwise would quite easily.

Update: For comparison the non-tail recursive solution.

Update 2: The call stack for the recursive solution for “ABC” would be:

-> reverse(“ABC”)
-> reverse(“BC”) + ‘A’
-> (reverse(“C”) + ‘B’) + ‘A’
-> (“C” + ‘B’) + ‘A’
-> “CB” + ‘A’
-> “CBA”

and for the tail recursive version:
-> reverse(“ABC”, “”)
-> reverse(“BC”, “A”)
-> reverse(“C”, “BA”)
-> reverse(“”, “CBA”)
-> “CBA”

Comparing those two the first one increases the stack to a point until it starts to pop the stack. The tail recursive version does not use the stack to keep a “memory” what it has still to do, but calculates the result imediatly. Comparing the source though, in my view the tail recursive version takes all beauty out of the recursive implementation. It nearly looks iterative.

515 thoughts on “String reversing Part II: Tail Recursion”

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