Scala Goodness: Structural Typing

Structural typing in Scala is the way to describe types by their structure, not by their name as with other typing. Structural typing reduces coupling and the need for inheritance. In Java you would mainly use interfaces instead of structural typing.

I go with the same examples as in “Scala Goodness: Compound types” so it’s easier to compare both solutions.

c:{ def call():Unit } describes a type which has a call method that returns nothing – like void in Java. The method does take all objects of types that satisfies this constraint. We can now use call on both classes:

You can also give your structural type a name with type aliasing:

With the same classes from above we get:

Both ways work with more than one method:

Calling with a new dog results in:

Structural typing is very useful if you are not able to modify classes to make them implement a trait or interface or if you want to reduce coupling and increase reuse. How does this relate to interfaces? The benefit of interfaces instead of structural typing is how they describe the roles of a class.

instead of

Scala glory!

See also:

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