Beware MacOS X Java developers

At least all of those as stupid as I am. When developing cintoo Messages I got biten (again!) by the MacOS filesystem not being case sensitive. All tests worked fine but on the integration server (thanks pulse guys for providing your software, it helps) which is running on Linux the tests wouldn’t work. My bundle files were called which worked on MacOS X but not on Linux, where they have to be called Well well, write once … ;-)

Of course I recognized this after a long debugging session which even drove me to download the JDK source. Sigh.

Google trends proves: Java is doomed

Google trends is a nice idea, and I had to apply it adhoc to Java, Ruby, Python and C#. Interesting results, I can see a decline in Java! We’re doomed :-)

And the Rails evangelists jump in and present this. Probably people would search for that or even that because Rails mostly doesn’t find RoR though. All others ignore the quabble and use Jetty or Grails.

For fun try this.

Update: Searching for Web 2.0 creates a nice graph and close to my heart: wiki.